The Lounge area is an important aspect of the LESAR HOTEL ANGEL offer. This area comprises an entire storey of the hotel and offers a beautiful view of the Gornji trg square and its promenade, all the way up to the famous Hercules fountain and the Church of St. James. During the day, the Lounge area is intended for socializing and leisure, while its role in the morning is that of the dining room for the hotel's guests. One of its special features is the open kitchen, where guests may order a variety of warm “home cuisine” dishes in addition to meals prepared beforehand.

The Lounge area is also appropriate should you wish to dine in the hotel or invite guests or business partners over. By prior arrangement, »Lesar a la carte« dishes can be served according to the wishes and expectations of the guest, along with select wines and other drinks from the hotel bar. The area may receive up to 30 persons.

The Lounge area is thus suitable for larger groups as well, for example the hosting of seminars or small congresses, a comfortable place where business ideas may be presented, meetings held and special events organized.